Inutai Season 1

  • Animation
  • 7 Episodes

Inutai introduces us to a flock of urban seagulls who battle daily against the changes in their environment. We also take a look at how humans have made an impact on the homes of our gulls, and other native birds here in Aotearoa.


Hōtaka 1 - Ora Pito

The Ngāti Inutai flock find themselves at Maunga Para, the local landfill. Today Maunga Para has been overwhelmed with restaurant food waste. Food waste is an easy meal for the Inutai gang, but they need to stay alert as other animals are also looking for their daily meal!

Hōtaka 2 - Te Manu Kaitā

The Inutai gang have their first skirmish with a giant bird that has invaded their traditional flying route to Maunga Para! Turi escapes a close shave with the giant bird!

Hōtaka 3 - Ora Kāinga Rima

Today is Rima’s day! He finally gets to lead the Inutai gang while Tahi and Makau are busy building their new nest for their young. Kōkōtea is also on nest duties, but can’t seem to decide on which one of her four nests is fit for her young! We also see the impact our waste and rubbish has on our birds nesting locations and habitats!

Hōtaka 4 - He Reanga Hou

Rima is still leading the flock to their feeding grounds. Tahi and Makau’s new chicks finally hatch, and Tahi has to protect their young from a rat that is trying to eat their young! A new generation is born into the Inutai gang!

Hōtaka 5 - Te Toriura Kanikani

Paki teaches the new Inutai young chicks about the toriura, or the stoat. Paki also tells the whole Inutai gang how he lost his leg to an attack by a toriura. The new generation of Inutai gulls are terrified! How can we help to protect our native bird species from deadly pests like stoats and rats? We learn how in this episode.

Hōtaka 6 - Te Kāniwha Kai Manu

Our discarded fishing lines, hooks and sinkers can be harmful to all lifeforms in and around our beaches! In this episode, one of Rima and Kura’s friends get caught by a stray fishing hook and will die if help doesn’t arrive soon! Watch to see how our Inutai gang raise the alarm to lend a helping hand.

Hōtaka 7 - Mate Kāinga Tahi

Pūkeko discovers a new type of waste that is spreading throughout his home along the waterway! The Inutai gang fly upstream to see exactly where this waste is coming from!