Pipi Mā Season 1

  • Animation, Children’s, Māori Now Original
  • 12 Episodes

Pipi Mā, the world’s first 100% Māori speaking dolls for children, created by a Māori speaking family here in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

The four loveable Pipi Mā dolls are Pipi, Hura, Tītoki and Pītau Pōtiki and they are on a mission to take the Māori language and its culture to a whole new level of COOL! Are you ready to be a part of the Pipi Mā movement?

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Hōtaka 1 - Te Rā Whānau o Hura

Hura is turning 4 years old today. Pipi Mā sing happy birthday to him and he is gifted a taonga tuku iho from his father, his pounamu. Hura loves his pounamu but things quickly turn for the worst when Pītau realises it has fallen from Hura’s neck. Help Pipi Mā find Hura’s pounamu!

Hōtaka 2 - Ngā Poi a Pipi

Pipi Mā are about to head off outside on an adventure when Pipi realises she has lost her poi! Can you help Pipi find her poi?

Hōtaka 3 - He Ua, He Awa

The rain from the night before has left great puddles and pools of water on the kōhanga grounds. Pipi Mā explore the different types of puddles outside.

Hōtaka 4 - Peita Kōpere

Learn colours with Pipi Mā – Today the gang is painting pictures outside on the mahau. The rain has stopped and the sun is out. Can you guess what Tītoki might be painting?

Hōtaka 5 - Whakatere Waka

Pipi Mā have been building waka and getting ready to race. We hear what each of their traditional waka are and where they are from. Pipi Mā also reminds us that our ancestors navigated here by waka from Hawaiki around 800 years ago.

Hōtaka 6 - Kaitahi

Today Pipi Mā are in the kitchen decorating cupcakes. Everyone is looking forward to the tasty treats but things are halted when Hura puts his bottom where it shouldn’t be.

Hōtaka 7 - Matariki

Learn about the Nine Stars of Matariki in this episode. Pipi Mā make a mobile of the star constellation Matariki and celebrate each star.

Hōtaka 8 - Ruru

Pipi is extremely tired this morning. She was kept up all night by a noise outside. She thinks its was a bird but she isn’t sure. Hura, Tītoki and Pītau help her figure it out.

Hōtaka 9 - Māra Kai

What do plants need to grow? Help Hura take care of the plants.

Hōtaka 10 - Taonga Puoro

Where is Pītau Pōtiki? – Today the gang is looking for Pītau Pōtiki, as they search for him they hear some weird sounds from the corner of the room, Pītau, is that you?

Hōtaka 11 - Tuatua

The gang is on a trip to the beach. They notice some friends that need help to get back to the bottom of the sea. Can you help Pipi Mā?

Hōtaka 12 - Te Matatini

It’s Te Matatini time again and Pipi Mā are off to watch their whānau on the national stage. Hura is excited and gets lost in the fun. Where could he be?