Pipi Mā Season 2

  • Animation, Children’s, Māori Now Original
  • 12 Episodes

Join us in Terenga 2 where we follow the adventures of our brave and courageous leader Pipi as she helps her friends navigate through challenges and learning at kōhanga. Pipi Mā teaches our tamariki about behaviour, literacy and tikanga from an authentic Māori perspective and draws on traditional Māori narrative.


Hōtaka 1 - Ko wai a Waropai?

Meet Waropai, the friendly taniwha, the guardian of the Pipi Mā playground.

Hōtaka 2 - Hī Ika

Join the gang as they go fishing with Haumi!

Hōtaka 3 - Hukarere

Join Pipi Mā as they have fun in the snow, the hukarere!

Hōtaka 4 - Te Auahitūroa

Join the gang as they venture to outer space and meet the comet, the origin of fire!

Hōtaka 5 - Te Tākuta

Meet Dr Pipi! Join her as she helps Haumi discover what his sickness is.

Hōtaka 6 - Maunga

Our gang recreate their maunga, and show us how we are connected to our whenua.

Hōtaka 7 - Ruku Moana

Our gang is back with Haumi and are on the moana, they are ready to dive in! Join us to see what they get up to!

Hōtaka 8 - Waka Ama

Pipi Mā are learning all about team work on the waka with Haumi!

Hōtaka 9 - Ngā Kare ā-roto

Pipi Mā learn all about their emotions and how they are similar to our weather patterns

Hōtaka 10 - Waku Niho

Hura goes to the dentist to see why he has a tooth ache

Hōtaka 11 - Te Hangarua

Help the gang clean up the papa tākaro!

Hōtaka 12 - Mahi Mīere

Pipi Mā explores the life of the bee and how they make honey