Pipi Mā Season 3

  • Animation, Children’s, Māori Now Original
  • 8 Episodes

Join us in Terenga 3 where we follow the adventures of our brave and courageous leader Pipi as she helps her friends navigate through challenges and learning at kōhanga. Pipi Mā teaches our tamariki about behaviour, literacy and tikanga from an authentic Māori perspective and draws on traditional Māori narrative.


Hōtaka 1 - Pepeketua

The Pipi Mā crew are exploring again with Haumi, they meet the Pepeketua, the native frog that is only found in parts of Te Ika a Māui! This very special Pepeketua also knows sign language, whakamīharo!

Hōtaka 2 - Pā Onepū

Pipi Mā are exploring again with their friend, Haumi! This time they are off to the beach! Join us to see what they learn today, ka rawe tamariki mā!

Hōtaka 3 - Te Ikaroa

The Pipi Mā crew suit up into their magic kākāhu pōkai tuarangi, their space suits and learn more about Te Ikaroa, the Milky Way with Haumi! Ka rawe koe, e Hau!

Hōtaka 4 - Ngā Reo o te Ao Hurihuri

Join the Pipi Mā crew & Haumi as they visit different countries to learn more about their languages, ka wani kē hoki!

Hōtaka 5 - Pōpokorua

The Pipi Mā crew explore the world of the pōpokorua, the ant! They are joined by Waropai, te kaitiaki o te papa tākaro, ka rawe koe, e Waro!

Hōtaka 6 - Te Kauhoe

Te Kauhoe! The Pipi Mā crew head off to the pools for a dip! Luckily, their kaitiaki Waropai is there to make sure they are safe, me haumaru ki te wai, ka tika! Kia ora, e Waro!

Hōtaka 7 - Te Waiariki

Today the Pipi Mā crew go looking for Waropai, its cold outside and they are worried about him. They find Waropai relaxed and warm, join us to see how Waropai keeps himself warm on a cold winters day. Ka pai, e Waro!

Hōtaka 8 - Ngā Āhua

The gang are exploring with Waropai. He introduces the Pipi Mā crew to kuia pūngāwerewere. She shows the kids her weaving skills that were left to her by her ancestors, kei tawhiti kui pūngāwerewere!