Pipi Mā Season 4

  • Animation, Children’s, Māori Now Original
  • 12 Episodes

Join us in Terenga 4 where we follow the adventures of our brave and courageous leader Pipi as she helps her friends navigate through challenges and learning at kōhanga. Pipi Mā teaches our tamariki about behaviour, literacy and tikanga from an authentic Māori perspective and draws on traditional Māori narrative.


Hōtaka 1 - Tuatete

Help Waropai and Pipi Mā find Tuatete’s spines! Kia kaha, Tuatete!

Hōtaka 2 - Kutu

The Pipi Mā gang learn about kutu and riha with Haumi

Hōtaka 3 - Uenuku

The Pipi Mā crew meet Uenuku, she has some special gifts for the kids that help them along their journey

Hōtaka 4 - Rāpihi ki Tātahi

Help the Pipi Mā crew clean up the beach, there is rubbish everywhere, ka kino hoki!

Hōtaka 5 - Moko

Waropai helps Pipi replace her moko that she accidentally washed off, ka aroha!

Hōtaka 6 - Pūreretī

The kids discover that the pūrerehua isn’t the only butterfly we have here in Aotearoa, we also have pūreretī. Pipi Mā finds out about the pūreretī in this episode

Hōtaka 7 - Pūngāwerewere

Pūngāwerewere is in trouble and needs Pipi Mā’s help. Tune in to see if you can help too

Hōtaka 8 - Te Kaha o Tamanuiterā

Tamanuiterā is awesome, but too much sun can burn our skin. Pipi Mā helps Waropai to be sun safe.

Hōtaka 9 - Te Tau Toru Nui o Matariki

Pipi Mā learn about the 3 year Matariki cycle, and how each Māori month are named after stars in the sky, ka rawe!

Hōtaka 10 - Huawhenua

Its time to harvest the kōhanga reo māra kai, the Pipi Mā crew is excited to try the new fruits of the season

Hōtaka 11 - Te Ine

In this episode the Pipi Mā crew explore measuring different taonga at kōhanga

Hōtaka 12 - Ko ngā manu a Rehua

Its summertime again, and the Pipi Mā crew are discovering more about some of the insects of there summer